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Our platform is designed to streamline your scouting processes and enhance your company’s visibility among developers, ultimately saving you both time and money.

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Gain access to our year-round portal, where you can easily filter and explore games, and directly connect with the developers.
On our platform, you will discover a diverse range of games of various genres and platforms, including PC, Console, Mobile, VR games and other. These games are created by talented teams from across the globe, all actively seeking publishers and investors.
The selection of games on our platform is continually expanding throughout the year. Typically, we host between 250-300 games annually. However, it’s worth noting that at the start of the year, this number may be slightly lower.
To gain access to our platform, you can choose one of the subscription options designed for Publishers and Investors, or you can become a sponsor of Global Games Pitch.

Scouting as a Service

Scouting as a Service simplifies your search process. With this service, we provide you a curated selection of games that aligns with your specific criteria every month. Additionally, we facilitate introductions with the selected game developers. This service is included in our VIP Subscription for Publishers and Investors

Connect with Developers

You can connect directly with developers using our Pitching Portal.
To send a request, simply join our Pitching Portal through one of the Subscriptions for Publishers and Investors. Once in, you can browse through the games and send a request directly to a developer via their game profile.
You will have visibility to all contact details and social media links the developer chooses to include on their game profile.
The number of requests you can send to developers through our Pitching Portal is unlimited, regardless of the type of Subscription for Publishers and Investors you choose.

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Establish your presence by creating a page in our Publishers and Investors Directory. This enables developers to discover your company and send you incoming requests and game submissions.
To set up your Company Page, choose one of the subscription options tailored for Publishers and Investors. Once subscribed, you can create your page using a user-friendly dashboard.
The number of incoming requests you can receive from developers is unlimited, regardless of the type of Subscription for Publishers and Investors you choose.


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