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Create Your Game Profile

The best way to showcase your game to publishers and investors only

Easy to submit

For easier communication with potential publishers and investors
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Explore Publishers and Investors Directory

Find relevant companies in few clicks using our Smart Filters.

Reach them directly

Detailed information about companies, their business goals and games that they are looking for.
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Send Direct Requests

In case of a match you can send direct requests to publishers and investors

Connections in few clicks

You can apply to relevant publisher or investor directly with submitted game and pitch deck for review.
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Since 2020 over 1000 games joined Global Games Pitch.

Publishers and Investors previously attended Global Games Pitch

We constantly update the list of Publishers and Investors to match them with the best Game Developers round the globe.

Ultimate tool for Publishers and Investors

Explore games using your search parameters, connect directly with Developers and save your time and money on travelling to business conferences. 

View Submitted Games

Filter relevant games using our Smart Filters

Informative Game Profiles

Game Description, Target Platforms, Genre, Pitch Deck, Media files, etc.
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Scouting as a Service

New feature to save your time in search of games that meet your requirements

Target search with your criteria

Our team constantly scouting among developers who looking for business opportunities.
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Connect with Developers

Send direct requests to developers in few clicks using our platform.

Send Business Requests

Easy to reach Game Developers at our platform.
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Matching Games via Email

Receive games that matching your criteria monthly via email.

New service to save your time

We will notify you once we will get a game submitted to our platform that might interest you.
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Boost your Company Page

Get your company listed in our Publishers and Investors Directory

Visible for game developers

Game developers may explore the directory in search of relevant partner.
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Receive Business Requests

In case of a match, developers may send direct requests to your company.

Incoming requests for rapid connections

View game, accept or reject new request in few clicks.
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